Difference Between FTO and PTO

All police departments utilize some sort of a training program for new recruits because, let’s face it, 20 months in a police academy is not the same as real-life police duty. There are two main types of recruit training programs used in the U.S.: FTO and PTO.
The FTO (Field Training Officer) model has been around since 1970s. It’s focused on helping police academy graduates prepare for single patrol duty. On the other hand we have the PTO (Police Training Officer) model that was developed in 1999. Originally designed to replace FTO, it evolved to coexist and compete with the former in certain ways. The PTO model aims to help develop problem-solving skills in a community-based policing environment.
The two models differ in many aspects, including how recruits are evaluated based on their performance. Regardless of which model your department uses (or wants to switch to), it’s crucial to find the right training evaluation software for law enforcement. Keep in mind that MdE Inc.’s industry recognized A.D.O.R.E program (AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations) is extremely flexible and can be customized to use with both FTO and PTO models.