Changing Police Training

Changing Police Training

Policing has come under great scrutiny due to many unfortunate events and encounters. It’s become a hot topic in politics, and public confidence in police officers has significantly declined. So how can police departments strengthen public trust and ensure that their officers reflect an agency with ethical core values? Let’s consider changing the way new recruits are trained. 

Training Culture Now

Most law enforcement agencies resemble military culture. They likely have a rank structure, a clearly defined chain of command, and, sometimes, a requirement for officers to operate in a command and control environment. So it should come as no surprise that the existing training curriculum and exercises for recruits closely resemble military training. It’s been this way for decades, but is it necessarily the best way now?

Many educators believe that the new recruits will model the same behaviors that were displayed by their superiors during training. If their training involved stressful situations and intimidation, this may lend to  the new officers displaying these same behaviors while on duty. Considering events over the more recent past, maybe it’s time to rethink how recruits are trained. 

Core Values

There are many effective ways to train new recruits. The key is to incorporate training that is well-balanced, professional, and interactive. The training environment should cultivate:

  • Giving individuals a voice in certain situations
  • Transparent decision-making
  • Dignity and respect

In training, focusing on core values should allow these to implicitly transition into dealing with the community.  Additionally, building a curriculum around the department’s core values will allow the recruits to have an easier time remembering them throughout their career. 

Doing Our Part to Help You Train Recruits

Change doesn’t happen overnight but improving your department’s training can. MdE, Inc. is here to help document the training of your department’s employees, from recruits all the way up to your senior-level officers. We have multiple software modules, such as ADORE™, CLASS, and LMS that help simplify tracking and providing training for everyone. Contact us now to learn more.