3 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Office

Going paperless is the process of transitioning from writing your records on paper to typing out your forms on the computer. For your office, whether it is within a corrections facility or a law enforcement agency, dispatch center or sheriff’s office, going paperless is a great way to improve your operations.
Today we’re going to take a look at the top three reasons to go paperless with MdE, Inc.
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Paper Documents Waste Time.

Have you ever been late to a meeting because you couldn’t find a form? Have you ever had to backtrack to your office to search for a document you could have sworn you had seen that morning? When you work with paper documents, these scenarios are probably pretty common in your office.
Every time you have to scour your file cabinets for a lost file, you’re wasting valuable time better utilized elsewhere. When you go paperless, you can easily search for files within the online database, finding them in seconds rather than minutes.

Paper Documents Waste Space.

Though paper may seem thin and inconsequential, it’s unlikely you’re only going to have one piece of paper in your file cabinet. You’re going to have hundreds of papers, maybe even thousands. After a while, those file cabinets are going to fill up, and once they’re full, you have a problem. When your file cabinet is full, you may not have the time or assets to add more storage space to your office at the moment you need it, which can lead to misfiling and possibly losing essential documents.
When you go paperless, your files are stored digitally, and thus, won’t take up space in your office. You won’t have to invest in file cabinets or remote storage facilities. Everything will be easily accessible with the click of a button.

Paper Documents Get Damaged.

Though paper is a wonderful material, it is not without its shortcomings. Water can lead to disaster for a stack of papers, and coffee can be even worse. Paper can also tear easily and be rendered useless.
When you’re managing stacks and stacks of essential documents, some of them are bound to be damaged or destroyed during the day to day of office life. When you go paperless, still have the ability to print another copy of your document.

MdE, Inc. Is Your Source for Complete Software Solutions

If your corrections facility, law enforcement, or communications office is still struggling with paper documents, call on MdE, Inc. to help you. Our web-based, paperless software solutions will save you valuable time and resources by automating critical documentation such as: Performance Evaluations, Training Records, Job Compliance, and more! Protect your team and help prevent potential lawsuits by eliminating the paper trail. We can help you track your employee’s career from “hire to retire”.
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