Unveiling MdE, Inc.’s Impact at IACTP 2023 Conference

International Association of Correctional Training Personnel Conference

Have you ever been in a room buzzing with innovation, packed full of industry experts, and overflowing with opportunity? That’s what it feels like to attend of International Association of Correctional Training Personnel Conference and be apart of the corrections community.

International Association of Correctional Training Personnel Conference

You see, correctional facility management isn’t just about maintaining order. It’s an evolving field requiring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions.

It’s more than just a gathering – it’s where progress happens.

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Experience the Latest in Correctional Facility Management

If you’re a professional in public safety, you know that efficient data management is crucial. That’s where MdE, Inc., steps up to plate with their innovative software solutions. This suite of products is designed specifically for your field and helps streamline processes like never before.

You might be asking how this happens? It starts with harnessing technology to make tasks more manageable. Imagine having an intuitive system that keeps track of recruit training or documents employee progress – it’s not just wishful thinking but a reality made possible by MdE, Inc.’s offerings.

The upcoming International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) national conference presents a golden opportunity to learn more about these advancements firsthand. As pioneers leading the industry forward, MdE will showcase their latest developments here.

This event isn’t just about presentations though; it’s also your chance to engage in discussions with fellow professionals and collaborate on new opportunities within correctional facility management. Be part of this exciting movement transforming our nation’s approach towards public safety.

Engage in Discussions

The IACTP conference is more than just a gathering of professionals. It’s a platform for active dialogue and shared insights among peers.

Digging deeper into the issues that matter, attendees can ask questions, exchange ideas, and contribute to shaping best practices in correctional facility management. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just getting started, there’s always something to be gained from the collective wisdom of your peers.

IACTP, as an organization dedicated to enhancing training standards across correctional facilities globally, understands this better than anyone else. They’ve made it their mission not only to share knowledge but also foster collaborative learning environments where every voice matters.

In fact, participating in these discussions could lead you towards innovative solutions. Ideas sparked during casual conversations often morph into practical strategies when applied within our work contexts.

This unique blend of formal presentations and informal networking makes IACTP conferences stand out among other industry events. So come prepared with your thoughts and ready for engaging exchanges.

Showcase Offerings

At MdE, Inc., we take pride in our suite of software products specifically designed for public safety departments. These tools let you streamline processes and improve efficiency like never before.

Our offerings include solutions that give a comprehensive view of recruit training. With our systems, tracking progress becomes more straightforward and effective. The ability to document employees’ performance also gets enhanced with our technology.


MdE’s ADORE™ system, short for Automated Daily Observation Reports & Evaluations, is a game-changer when it comes to managing employee evaluations in correctional facilities. It provides a centralized place to track observations making evaluation process simpler.

MdE E-Field Training System (FTO)

We also offer the MdE E-Field Training System (FTO). This powerful tool assists field training officers by reducing paperwork, enhancing organization and boosting productivity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We invite you at IACTP conference to see firsthand how these innovative solutions can transform your operations.

Collaborate with Professionals

At the IACTP conference, you won’t just be a spectator. You’ll actively participate and connect with other corrections professionals in correctional facility management.

This isn’t your ordinary networking event. At this unique event, professionals in correctional facility management come together to discuss their shared commitment to public safety and ways of optimizing operations. We’re not just exchanging business cards – we’re sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions.

We believe that collaboration is key to progress in any field. And it’s even more critical when lives depend on our decisions daily.

You’ll get the chance to learn from people who’ve been where you are now, those leading the way forward in correctional facility management through innovative software products like MdE Inc.’s suite. These aren’t abstract theories or untested concepts; they’re real-world applications proven to streamline processes for public safety departments nationwide.

Pave Your Way Forward

In this fast-paced industry, keeping up can feel overwhelming at times. But remember: every great journey begins with a single step—and attending this conference could be yours.

Push Boundaries

At MdE, Inc., we believe in pushing boundaries. Innovation is our heartbeat, and it’s what drives us to continuously explore new possibilities in correctional facility management. We’re not content with the status quo – we want more.

Our software suite also includes solutions for employee documentation, recruit training tracking, equipment inventory management – all tailor-made to meet the needs of public safety employees.

Bold ideas fuel our progress at MdE, Inc., but it’s your input at events like the IACTP conference that truly shapes our direction. Your expertise in the field offers tremendous insight into everyday issues that you encounter, which motivates us to explore new paths.

Explore Possibilities

As we delve into the possibilities, let’s highlight how technology can be a game-changer in correctional facility management. MdE, Inc.’s suite of software products opens up new avenues to enhance operational effectiveness and improve outcomes for public safety departments.

The key here isn’t just about implementing technology but leveraging it strategically. It’s like navigating through an intricate maze – having a compass makes all the difference. Similarly, using advanced data analytics lets us glean actionable insights that help drive decisions in real-time.

From tracking recruit training progress with ease to documenting employees efficiently, this powerful combination of tech innovation and strategic implementation allows us to push boundaries in managing correctional facilities more effectively than ever before.

Journey of Discovery

At the IACTP conference, we’re all about exploration, collaboration, and innovation. It’s not just a gathering; it’s an expedition into the heart of correctional facility management.

Here at MdE, Inc., we are pioneering new paths in public safety software solutions. We help departments across the nation to manage data more efficiently with our tailored suite of products. But it’s during events like IACTP where these innovations truly come alive.

The thrill you get when discovering a game-changing feature or realizing how much time you can save on administrative tasks – that’s what this journey is all about. Picture yourself navigating through uncharted territories and finding practical ways to improve your department’s operations.

We invite you to join us in pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities together. Because when we collaborate, incredible things happen: processes become streamlined, outcomes improve for everyone involved…the list goes on.

Come be part of something exciting – let’s embark on this journey together at the upcoming IACTP conference. Starting with reforming corrections through technology.

Networking Opportunities

At the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) conference, networking isn’t just an option—it’s a cornerstone of your experience. The connections you make here can help pave the way for more efficient and effective correctional facility management.

MdE, Inc. offers innovative solutions that are leading public safety departments forward. Meeting with other professionals in this field gives you the chance to discuss these advanced tools.

The conversations you’ll have at this event will enlighten you about trends and best practices currently shaping our industry. By engaging in meaningful dialogue with our peers, and corrections professionals we can explore new ways to leverage technology for improved outcomes and greater operational effectiveness.

This is what makes networking at IACTP so invaluable—you don’t just gain contacts; rather, it’s a springboard into understanding how to leverage technology better in operational effectiveness and improved outcomes for public safety departments.

Be a Part of Progress

The International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) conference is more than just an event. It’s a hub for innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking strategies in correctional facility management.

MdE Inc., with its suite of software products tailored to meet the needs of public safety departments, will be showcasing their latest advancements at this year’s conference. Their solutions have already started transforming how facilities operate across the nation.

A Movement towards Efficiency

We’re in a period where data is utilized to make decisions. In response to this trend, MdE Inc has developed innovative tools that help streamline processes and improve efficiency within these departments.

Bridging Technology & Public Safety

This movement isn’t just about technology—it’s about people too. The aim is not only to use cutting-edge tech but also to enhance operational effectiveness and improve outcomes for all stakeholders involved in public safety departments.

Join Us.

You don’t need any special skills or experience—just a passion for progress. If you’re ready to contribute your voice and ideas towards shaping the future of correctional facility management, then we can’t wait to see you there.


Attending the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel Conference is a transformative experience. It’s where innovation meets practice, creating real-world solutions for correctional facility management.

You’ve seen how MdE, Inc. leads with forward-thinking tools and techniques to improve public safety departments. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions lets you gain new perspectives on industry trends.

From witnessing firsthand how software streamlines processes, to exploring opportunities that drive progress – it’s all about pushing boundaries here.

We’ve also delved into networking possibilities; they’re invaluable for forging strong professional relationships in this evolving field.

The conference isn’t just an event – it’s your gateway to shaping the future of corrections technology! So why wait? Be part of the exciting movement transforming our nation!

But that’s not all – networking opportunities at this conference are invaluable for building strong professional relationships in this evolving field and discuss upcoming events in the community.

International Association of Correctional Training Personnel Conference