Inspiration for Independence

Inspiration for Independence

Celebrating our Freedom

Bold and courageous were the hundreds and thousands of men and women before us nearly 250 years ago fighting for our great nation. Although the 4th of July is a time to see friends, family, and fireworks, it’s important to never forget the significance of our country’s emergence..

Starting out as only a handful of colonies, eventually the United States of America grew and prospered into the wonderful country we have today.

Leading by Example

For being such a young country in the global scope, it’s inspiring to see how much hard work and planning can pay off. The USA not only has a powerful military to help resolve and prevent global disputes, but we also lead the world in many different aspects.

From culture to medicine to space flight and engineering, this country pushes new limits where humanity did not think it was possible. When looking back and seeing how brave the forefathers were for fighting for this great nation, it’s humbling to see the generations of today carry the torch proud and strong as we continue to look towards new horizons.


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