Unleashing the Power of User Groups: Why They’re Essential

In public safety training and management, staying ahead is not just an option—it’s a necessity. You’re already on the right track if you’re using MdE, Inc.’s software solutions. But to truly harness the power of these tools, you need to tap into the knowledge and support available through MdE user groups. Let’s explore why attending […]

Sharing Ideas (MdE’s Users Group)

Soliciting Feedback  MdE was excited to host its Annual Users Group in person again.  Alongside Florida agency users and clients from outside the Sunshine state who were able to attend, the Marion County Emergency Operations Center was our host this May.  MdE was grateful to have an impressive venue to discuss training and the challenges[…..]

User Groups Matter

In business computing, a user group is a set of people who have similar interests, goals, or concerns. A user group can be devoted to a technology, application, or corporation, some even to a specific product of a particular corporation. The members have regular meetings where they can share their ideas.Whether done annually or quarterly,[…..]