4 Advantages of Using Field Training Software

In this day and age, there is no excuse for not using technology to your advantage. Software is an investment that can free up hours of your time, as well as offer many other benefits. And field training software for police departments is no exception. Here are a few ways how it can make your life as a Field Training Officer much easier.

More Precise Data Entry

One of the benefits of using field training software versus paper-based reports is that no one has to deal with handwriting. This instantly makes reading daily observation reports easier and faster. But also keep in mind that when you are entering data via software, you already have preset form fields that you have to fill out. The form simply won’t submit if the mandatory fields are empty, which ensures that no essential information is omitted. It’s also easy to look at the past reports to make sure you are getting your numbers right, such as the sequential training day or hours on duty.

More Uniform Ratings

If your police department uses the San Jose field training officer (FTO) model, you know that all unusually high or low ratings have to be explained in writing. The problem is, different training officers may assign the same type of behavior different ratings. And because they don’t constantly keep a manual on hand, ratings can get skewed. With the field training software, you can have the rating scale easily accessible within the system. So if someone is in doubt, they can double-check whether particular behavior qualifies for a specific rating.

Accessible Statistics

Statistics are great because they help identify trends, patterns, problems and areas for improvement. They’re also crucial for situations when investigation into a recruit’s training is required. For example, if a recruit was terminated from the training program for poor performance and later accused the department of discrimination, you can rely on the FTO software to investigate these claims. The software will pull the trends, show how the recruit compared to others, which areas he failed in and whether negative ratings came from the same FTO.

Faster Turnaround

No need to type, print, staple or manually fill out cover sheets for your daily observation reports. Software saves you a lot of time, as well as allows the data to be easily shared with the authorized individuals. Instead of collecting dust in locked filing cabinets, electronically entered daily observation reports become useful information that can be looked up in a matter of seconds.
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