How to Handle Transitions in Staffing

There comes a time in most people’s lives when it’s time to stop working and retire. Employees who retire have often made a significant impact on the department, and their departure can be a big blow to operations. However, with proper preparation and effective procedure, your department can have a smooth transition in staffing. Here’s what you can do before and after an employee decides to retire.

Make a Succession Plan 

Every department should develop a succession plan. A succession plan is a process for identifying and training new leaders who can replace senior employees once they decide to retire or leave the company. A good succession plan will:


  • Evaluate current employee skills
  • Have a plan for training and development
  • Provide recognition and advancement opportunities
  • Align with the department’s goals and interests

It’s always best to develop a succession plan before an employee decides to retire. 

Cross-Train Employees

Before an employee retires, consider cross-training. Cross-training employees is one way you can avoid knowledge gaps within the department. This process will give newer employees hands-on experience in areas of the department that they otherwise wouldn’t encounter. You can cross-train by giving newer employees a three to six-month assignment in another area. 

Hire Before They Retire

It’s important that your department has a smooth transition when an employee retires. You may want to consider hiring their replacement beforehand. In doing so, the senior employee can help guide the incoming talent. The soon to be retiree can help with the hiring process and pass along the knowledge that is needed to do their job effectively. 

Don’t Overlook Experienced Employees

Many departments believe that they can replace their retiring employees with younger, inexperienced talent. Yes, you may be able to pay them less, but you usually get what you pay for. Long-term employees possess extensive knowledge about the department and their job. If you want a job to be done correctly, it’s worth considering experienced employees to replace outgoing talent. 

Properly Train Incoming Talent

When you hire new talent, they must be properly trained so that they can do their job effectively. MdE, Inc. can help track the training of your employees. With multiple software solutions and services that can be tailored to fit your department’s needs, new hires can quickly get up to speed. 

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